12. May 2016 - 16:43


LIGHT FOR THE WORLD leaves no one behind.  Our goal is an inclusive society. As an international disability and development organisation we strive for full participation of persons with disabilities in society. That is why we remain steadfast in our vision: Education for all, eye care for all, physical rehabilitation for all, empowerment for all – simply inclusion.

•    At present we work in 18 partner countries and on an international level on health, education, and livelihood.
•    Our work has a specific focus on inclusive education, eye health, prevention of blindness, and community based rehabilitation (CBR).
•    We engage in the empowerment of persons with disabilities and support them in overcoming barriers in society to bring about social change.
•    We work with local and national partners as well as international alliances and organisations.

Founded in Austria 28 years ago, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD started its journey by providing eye healthcare services for blindness prevention in Ethiopia, and we now operate 164 programmes which transform the lives of millions of inhabitants worldwide. LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is opening a branch in the UK because of its belief that “Working Together” is the only way to leave no one behind.