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Die Augen eines Buben werden mithilfe eines großen Gerätes untersucht. Eine Frau mit einem grünen Hemd hält den Kopf des Kindes, damit die Augen gut untersucht werden können.
Nikpiannibéhat hatte bilateralen Katarakt. Bemerkt haben es seine Eltern als er 3 Jahre alt war. © Gregor Kuntscher

Burkina Faso

Light for the World in Burkina Faso protects eye health and breaks down barriers preventing disability inclusion.

We work holistically, from child eye health – including schools – and glaucoma to the community eye health level as well as human resource development. We are proud of our system change approach promoting people-centred quality care across the entire country.

We work hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Health, eye health professionals, teachers and local health workers. We also promote the economic empowerment of financially vulnerable groups in Burkina Faso. We put a special focus on girls, women, people with disabilities and internally displaced persons. Light for the World and our partners in Burkina Faso are pioneers in inclusive education.

Working closely with the government and several local, trusted partners, we are steadily moving the education system forward to provide quality learning for all. We enjoy strong roots at the government, local, partner and community level across all of our programmes, including our Disability Inclusion in Community Development work which operates in partnership with the Ministry of Women, National Solidarity, Family & Humanitarian Action.

The political environment in Burkina Faso is supporting progress on disability inclusion in the community. However, a chronic lack of services and tailored support for individuals with disabilities – from health, to education, to work – remains.

“What makes our work in Burkina Faso unique is our focus on genuine partnership, our expertise, and our unwavering focus on the poorest and hardest to reach.”

Étienne Bagré, National Director Burkina Faso, Light for the World
Étienne Bagré

Country Director Burkina Faso