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Two women in wheelchairs sit next to each other under a tree. Both are wearing blue clothes and look at each other amusedly.
Burkina Faso © Gregor Kuntscher

Our Goal & Mission

In an inclusive society, there is a place for everyone. That’s what we work for.

Two young girls are looking directly into the camera. One girl is sitting in a wheelchair whilst the other girl is standing right behind her holding the wheelchair.
Wendabo Yaogo lives in a small rural village called Gogo in central Burkina Faso. She was born without legs and arms. Her condition is called Tetra Amelia and is characterized by the absence of all limbs. The local Light for the World social worker approached her mother when he saw that Wendabo had a disability. Light for the World provided the mother with a grant to purchase equipment to prepare and sell rice, general equipment to set up a food stall, and infrastructure to provide financial stability. Wendabo was also provided with her first wheelchair. She is now able to walk to school with the help of her younger sister, who pushes Wendabo’s wheelchair. Her school also received financial support from Light for the World to install a ramp on one of the school buildings, and her teacher received training on how to include the girl in the classroom. 2018 © Gregor Kuntscher

With your support, we contribute to improving health systems, enabling education for all, and amplifying the voices of people with disabilities in the workplace and beyond. In short: we break down unjust barriers to unlock the potential in all of us!

Our commitment

We save Eyesight

90% of people with vision loss can be helped.

How we work

Find out how we work and what we focus on.

We fight for Disability rights

We enable inclusive environments where everyone can fulfil their potential.