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2 male Mozambican welding trainees in blue cover-alls, one also wearing a white hard-hat, communicating in sign language.
Young people with disabilities often do not have access to skills training, resulting in fewer economic opportunities and an increased risk of poverty. If given the chance to build their talents and skills in inclusive settings, however, they excel.
After cyclone Eloise hit the village of Buzi in Mozambique 5 people wade through the muddy water, among them a man with an amputed leg using crutches
When disaster strikes, there is no time to spare. How to ensure disability inclusion under time pressure? We asked our experts a quick round of questions, challenging them to keep their responses super short.
A doctor examines the eyes of a man named Antonio Ernesto.
For the first time ever, data on people with disabilities will be collected by the Ministry of Health in Mozambique.
Bernice Oyeleke signing her poem. caption says, We have a vision, we have a dream.
Did you miss the Conference of State Parties to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities? Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be - here’s our five main take-aways from the global platform for disability rights.
three youth sitting on bags of rice at a food distribution site in Burkina Faso
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of billions, and it has reminded us of our interdependency around the world. We are grateful for our strong programme partnerships which have endured the toughest of external challenges.
graphic of hands black on yellow background saying inclusion in International Sign. Hashtag below says Representation Matters
Her Abilities Award winner, educational leader and author Bernice Adekeye Oyeleke has written a powerful poem. In it, she reflects on her experiences of deafness and exclusion and shares her vision of an inclusive society: "with all hands on deck, we stand united for inclusion".

Our top successes in 2019

Number of treatments given to fight Neglected Tropical Diseases icon
Number of treatments given to fight Neglected Tropical Diseases
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Number of people reached
Eye surgeries performed icon
Eye surgeries performed
Persons with disabilities who received rehab wheelchair icon
Persons with disabilities who received rehabilitation
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Livelihood and empowerment activities
children with disabilities who received an education book icon
Children with disabilities who received an education


Marlene Binggeli
Marlene Binggeli

I have experienced LIGHT FOR THE WORLD as authentic, unpretentious, and lively. Their work for children with disabilities is extremely important. That is why I have made a bequest to them.

Prince Maximilian von und zu Liechtenstein
Prince Maximilian von und zu Liechtenstein
Group CEO LGT Group Foundation

I support LIGHT FOR THE WORLD because their dedicated work makes a tangible change in the lives of people hidden or forgotten by society.

Magdalena Scharl
Magdalena Scharl
Peer-adviser, BIZEPS

What I particularly like about LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is their appreciation of diversity and above all their real effort to be inclusive at all stages from planning to implementation of programmes.

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