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A male employee of Endiro coffeeshop wearing a face mask and apron hands a woman a bag of goods
International Workers’ Day on May 1st is a day to celebrate working people around the world. It’s also a day to call for accessible workspaces and an inclusive economy.
12-year-old Alira Karim encircled by his classmates in Nouna, Burkina Faso. The boy has hydrocephalus and is of short stature. He wears a blue T-shirt and has a big grin on his face.
It’s Global Action Week for Education and access to education for millions of learners with disabilities is under threat due the COVID-19 pandemic. More funding for inclusive education systems which leave no-one behind is vital. Let's ensure that every child can go to school.
Naomi Akwee, Disability Inclusion Facilitator, from Uganda sits facing the camera. She is in a wheelchair. She is talking, half smiling, and using her hands to get her point across. She wears a blue scarf, black rimmed glasses, hoop earrings and a smart denim jacket. The background is blurred, but you can tell it is outside. It is sunny.
On World Creativity and Innovation Day, 21 April, we are highlighting trailblazing programmes which strengthen disability rights, including Light for the World’s award winning ‘Disability Inclusion Facilitators’.
Light for the World inclusion expert Ambrose Murangira shares information about COVID-19 in Ugandan sign language.
This World Health Day, we take a closer look at the burning global topic “access to the COVID-19 vaccine”. For Light for the World and the communities we serve, including people with disabilities, the stakes are agonisingly high.
Five women and one man stand side-by-side facing the camera. Each is wearing a COVID-19 protective mask. Each is holding a small coffee sapling, in a plant pot. In the background there are green trees. They are stood on a dirt track / include. These are participants in the HAMRO project coffee in Nepal. The programme aims to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and its effect on livelihoods of people with disabilities by engaging them in one of the most lucrative and profitable agricultural value chains: coffee
We ask Disability Inclusion Advisor Murali Padmanabhan how the loss of work – and resulting hunger crisis – has impacted people with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
People in Mozambique walking the flooded streets through angkle deep water.
People with disabilities tell us how they’ve stayed strong in the face of cyclones, devastating floods and COVID-19.

Our top successes in 2019

Number of treatments given to fight Neglected Tropical Diseases icon
Number of treatments given to fight Neglected Tropical Diseases
Number of people reached icon
Number of people reached
Eye surgeries performed icon
Eye surgeries performed
Persons with disabilities who received rehab wheelchair icon
Persons with disabilities who received rehabilitation
Livelihood two hands shaking icon
Livelihood and empowerment activities
children with disabilities who received an education book icon
Children with disabilities who received an education


Martin Ledolter
Martin Ledolter
CEO Austrian Development Agency

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD has been instrumental in establishing and promoting inclusion as an integral part of development cooperation.

Ronald Boef
Ronald Boef
Ambassador, top-10 blind golf players in the world

I realise that I am privileged compared to other people with a visual impairment. I had the chance to make my dreams come true. Peers in developing countries deserve the same opportunities.

Ron Mccallum
Ronald McCallum
Vice-Chairperson of the UN-Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Sydney, Senior Australian for the Year 2011

I am truly honoured to be an Ambassador for LIGHT FOR THE WORLD. My concerns for persons with disabilities are that our human rights and inherent dignity are respected by all.

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