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Disability Inclusion Insight Series #5

Skills development for youth with deafblindness

People with deafblindness or multi-sensory impairments face considerable challenges in communication and interacting with others as well as learning and mobility difficulties. This often leads to lifelong exclusion within their own family, community and wider society. This learning brief explores a skills development program implemented by Sense International – Uganda (SIU) in partnership with Uganda Parents of Deaf Blind Children Association (UPDBCA), National Association of Deaf Blind Persons of Uganda (NADBPU) and selected Vocational Training Centres, aiming to create opportunities for people with deafblindness, maximise their abilities and enable them to live meaningful, dignified lives.

Author: Andera Delfyna

Year of Publication: 2019

DII Series #5 Skills Development for Youth with Deafblindness

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