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Uncover Systemic Discriminatory Practices and Counteract Gender-Based Violence

A practical guide on the use of the Intersectional Discrimination Pyramid

The high incidence and prevalence of gender-based violence among women and girls with disabilities can only be understood through an intersectional lens. This is why we have created and adapted a tool which will help in this endeavour: the intersectional discrimination pyramid which supports a community-based approach to identify and counteract gender-based violence against women and girls with disabilities.

The tool was designed in collaboration with Girl Child Rights, with funding from the Austrian Development Agency.

Authors: Jenni Pitter-López and Mathilde Umuraza
Editors: Agustina Alvarez, Vanessa dos Santos, Klaus Minihuber

Year of Publication: 2024

Uncover and Counteract Gender-Based Violence ENG

pdf - 392 KB

Descobrir Práticas Discriminatórias Sistémicas e Combater a Violência Baseada no Género POR

pdf - 388 KB