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A bearded man in a suit looks to the camera. Trees are seen in the background.

New Ambassador for Light for the World

We welcome Colin Allen, a stalwart of the global human rights community, respected academic and top sign language advocate, as our new Ambassador.
A woman in Africa puts her arm around a little girl wearing an eye patch. Both are smiling at one another. (c) Light for the World

6 ways you helped us improve lives in 2019

Thanks to the support of partners and people like you, we were able to reach out to even more communities last year, transforming lives in the process.
A smiling woman covers an eye with one hand after cataract surgery during an eye test in Burkina Faso. © Ulrich Eigner

A sustainable future that leaves no one behind

Right now, governments worldwide are reviewing the global goals on sustainability. Those goals are united by one call: “Leave no one behind” – a pledge that remains as important as ever in the context of the global COVID-19 response, says Benedikt van den Boom, Light for the World’s Advocacy Coordinator.
“Aid out of Reach”: untold stories from people with disabilities

“Aid out of Reach”: untold stories from people with disabilities

Humanitarian organisations can learn a lot from what happened during the Cyclone Idai aid response.
Disability inclusive education only happens when all really means all

Disability inclusive education only happens when all really means all

It’s the world’s most comprehensive analysis of inclusion and education, and it’s out now. The 2020 global education monitoring report All Means All spotlights the needs of children with disabilities, thanks to the commitment of many advocates including Nafisa Baboo, Director on Inclusive Education at Light for the World. She tells us why we should all be paying it close attention.
Light for the world employee Sophia Mohammed and little Nyaush in an IDP Camp in South Sudan

South Sudan: The plight of refugees with disabilities

On today's World Refugee Day, 4.3 million people from South Sudan are still displaced. Among them are people with disabilities who are at even greater risk from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Filipe and his team at the radio station

Celebrating local heroes: Filipe and Olga, Mozambique

Filipe and Olga are providing important information on the coronavirus – especially to people with disabilities – to ensure nobody is left behind.
Armando and his wife

Let’s make global action on the climate crisis disability-inclusive

World Environment Day is an opportunity to spotlight people with disabilities who are amongst the worst affected by climate change.
doctor looks into a microscope

“All eyes on COVID-19”: World Health Assembly

Dr Geoffrey Wabulembo, Medical Director for Eye Health and NTDs at Light for the World, comments on the 2020 World Health Assembly and its impact on our work
people in a camp

COVID-19 cases confirmed in South Sudan

Light for the World’s Sophia Mohammed reacts to news of COVID-19 in South Sudan: “what happens next will be crucial”