Innovative project in Garango awarded

A LIGHT FOR THE WORLD supported project in Garango was awarded by the International Conference “Zero Project 2016”.
Zero Project Conference

Innovative practices and policies. With these words the selection committee at "Zero Project" described the Inclusive Education project in Burkina Faso. Implemented by the “Organisation Catholique pour le Développement et la Solidarité” (OCADES CARITAS) of Garango,  with technical and financial support of LIGHT FOR THE WOLRD and UNICEF Burkina Faso, the project has amazed the world's inclusive education experts gathered at UN headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The participants at the conference recognized that the project is unique, providing a practical solution to improving the education of disabled. "It's exciting to see that what we do in Burkina Faso in the field of inclusive education is an innovative practice that can be shared worldwide, "says Philippe Compaoré, the Inclusive Education program officer of LIGHT FOR THE WORLD.

The Inclusive Education Project: an innovation in disability

Initiated and implemented since 2009, the inclusive education Project involves several actors in Garango including the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Affairs. At local level, the municipality, the provincial department of Social Affairs, the Provincial Direction of National Education, schools, health services, OCADES Garango and the Community based rehabilitation programs have been involved. The project’s strategy was to raise awareness on disability, train teachers on inclusive education, adapt schools to inclusion norms and bring medical support to the disabled children who have been identified. In 2015, the project helped enroll 169 children in preschool and elementary school including 147 with disabilities and 22 in difficult situations. The implementation of activities is ongoing and the project completion is scheduled for 2016.

Zero Project conference, a space to promote and share experiences

Created by the Essl Foundation, "Project Zero" is an initiative that aims to promote a world without barriers by focusing on the rights of people with disabilities worldwide. This year, 86 innovative projects and 12 innovative policies in more than 40 countries have been awarded. The conference focused on sharing experiences and good practices in the field of inclusive education. More than 534 experts and decision makers of inclusive education from more than 70 countries exchanged views on various topics such as communication technologies, statistics around inclusive education, indicators  on disability in the Millennium development goals, vocational training and employment, education and non-formal sport, etc. This enabled participants to enrich their knowledge. "I learned many things in this international conference. I discovered a project in Zimbabwe which has a similar approach with our project in Burkina Faso. In Zimbabwe, community ownership is more advanced. We will exchange with that country to learn better and to improve our practices in the field of inclusive education, "concludes Philippe Compaoré.

by Emmanuel Kansie