Inclusive Education

A year ago, Igliassu could not even walk because one of his legs was much shorter than the other. LIGHT FOR THE WORLD helped him enrol in an inclusive school together with his peers.

Igliassu is playing with his school friends

Education for everyone

Nine out of ten children with disabilities are out of school. About 58 million children of primary school age have a disability, and 80 percent of all children with disabilities live in developing countries. They are often excluded from education and society due to physical, ideological, systemic, or communication barriers.

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD strives for a school system that leaves no-one behind. In order to end exclusion, we want to provide an improved quality of education for everyone. We support 20 inclusive education programmes in partner countries such as Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, South Sudan, North East India and Papua New Guinea.

Inclusive education means teaching all children together in a common setting, putting the individual child at the centre of learning and teaching, and responding to their specific potential and needs without segregating them. Through education and social inclusion, children with disabilites are enabled to lead self-sufficient lives and take part in all aspects of society. Inclusive education benefits all learners, regardless of their disability status. It fosters tolerance and helps build an inclusive society.

What we do

  • We help children with disabilities enrol in school
  • We assist in making school buildings and infrastructure accessible
  • We train teachers in special needs education, and provide adequate learning and teaching materials
  • We promote inclusive education on national and international levels

Our Inclusive Education approach has been enormously successful, even in remote and underprivileged regions and communities.
In Burkina Faso's Garango region, we supported an inclusive education programme involving several stake holders and the Ministry of Education. Through awarenes raising campaigns, teacher trainings and providing accessible infrastructure, we have enabled 60 percent of children with disabilities in the region to attend school. Before the launch of our programme, only 5 - 6 % of children with disabilities in Garango had access to education. 

We have contributed to the impressive decrease in number of primary school children who are missing out on an education, from 105 million in 1990, to 58 million today.

Photo of Nafisa Baboo. Credit: Gregor Kuntscher

Senior Advisor for Inclusive Education: Nafisa Baboo

+277 292 74746
n.baboo [at]

What we do

Nefissa smiles again

Nefissa's smile has returned. Thanks to LIGHT FOR THE WORLD's medical outreach programme she is able to manage her daily life. Surgery has enabled her to care for her children again.

Martine Bilgo gives interviews Photo: M.Bron

Martine once was a client in one of our CBR projects. She successfully graduated to become a teacher. Today she works in a school which is linked to a LIGHT FOR THE WORLD CBR project.

Photo: Roukiatou with her family

Roukiatou was born with deformed legs. A community-based rehabilitation worker supported her in getting the treatment she needed: The basis for mobility and an independent future.