Happy Women’s Day

Light for the World joins people around the world in celebrating International Women’s Day.
Women with tricycles - Credit:Gregor Kuntscher

“Rise up”

In 2020, we celebrated a brilliant song from women & girls with disabilities in Cambodia fighting gender-based violence. Watch and share the “Rise up” video here. Women with disabilities in Cambodia are much more likely than those without disabilities to experience violence and discrimination. More than 50 people with disabilities took part in the video, inspiring all Cambodians to challenge their perceptions around disability, discrimination and gender based violence.

Our impactful colleagues

We also marked Women’s Day by appreciating our impactful colleagues globally! More than half of Light for the World’s employees are women. Our country offices in Asia and Africa used to have a great majority of male staff. Our teams in Ethiopia and Mozambique have been quite successful in changing the male/female staff ratio in only a few years. Read more in our ‘lessons learned’ document: walk the talk.

Double discrimination 

In the outside world, we know that girls and women are more widely and deeply affected in all the areas we work in. Girls and women with disabilities still face double discrimination and higher barriers getting access to education and breaking free from economic dependence. When it comes to eye health, again girls and women are at the back of the queue in getting the care they need, despite the fact that many eye diseases affect women in greater numbers. Even within the disability movement, girls and women still face an uphill battle to have their voices heard. We directly target girls and women in many of our projects; knowing that gender-equality is a precondition for reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development. Read more in our blog for IAPB here

We also make the voices of women heard at local, national and international level. Just recently, we were honouring and promoting three amazing women with disabilities as role models with the ‘Her Abilities’ award. Needless to say, much remains to be done. But, together with our supporters and partners, we feel optimistic for the future.  

Happy International Women’s Day everyone.