Downloads: Disability Rights

A psychosocial approach promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities.


Sports: A Way to Promote Inclusion, Rehabilitation and Socialisation.


During humanitarian crises and natural disasters, persons in vulnerable circumstances are hit hardest. This includes persons with disabilities. According to a recent WHO World Report on Disability, 15% of the population worldwide live with a disability, 80% of them in developing countries. This means that more than 700 million persons are at a higher risk of not accessing humanitarian action because of discrimination, physical barriers or their relative invisibility to intervening organisations.


AMFIU in collaboration with NUDIPU have been implementing a microfinance and Disability Project since 2006 with support from Norwegian association of Disabled (NAD). the Project aims at increasing access to sustainable microfinance services for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Uganda. Light for the World (LFTW) Netherlands and NAD financed this study aiming at unveiling the dynamics of organisational change – both the drivers of and obstacles to change - that have taken place within the MFIs/SACCOs in relation to disability inclusion, as well as the life changes experienced by persons with disabilities in accessing microfinance services.


A guide for media professionals on how to communicate on disability in the media.