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Count me in

Count me in

People with disabilities are usually among the poorest in the developing world. Yet they are often ignored by development organisations. These organisations are usually not aware of the capabilities of persons with disabilities and often don’t know how to adapt their activities so disabled people can participate.

Count me in fills this gap in knowledge.

It offers practical strategies for:

  • identifying people with disabilities
  • training staff to deal with them
  • dealing with prejudices regarding disabled people
  • making programmes inclusive
  • creating policies to promote inclusion
  • measuring progress towards inclusion
  • and much else

Count me in is the result of a two-year learning programme undertaken by development organisations in Europe, India and Ethiopia. Staff of these organisations put together insights based on their experience and came up with this programme of essential measures for making organisations truly inclusive.

Count me in also provides an incisive theoretical background to the issue of disability, many examples of good practices, and inspiring human stories from the field.