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How do we collaborate?

Our guiding values are the basis for our collaboration. Our employees as well as applicants can rely on LIGHT FOR THE WORLD as an employer. We expect involvement, professionalism and respectful conduct from all our employees.


Pioneering spirit, drive and passion: this is what defines us. In our organisation you will find self confident employees that work independently and embrace new ideas. We keep an eye on the bigger picture. Inclusion is of great concern to us.

Professionals at work

Light for the world is an internationally recognised NGO with excellent employees and a clear strategy. We set ourselves ambitious goals, take courageous decisions, reflect upon our achievements and draw appropriate consequences. The consequences of our doings are in our focus all the time. With us you develop new skills and master many interesting tasks.

You and I

Here you are respected. At Light for the World we consider our fellow men on a par with ourselves, our leadership style is farseeing. However, we do say what we mean and do not resort to making excuses. Furthermore we do not lose sight of our work-life-balance over our passion for our mission.

Leitwerte. A Brighter Day.

What drives us?

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD brings A BRIGHTER DAY: we improve the day of persons with disabilities, of our employees as well as of our donors – it makes sense!

Who works with us?

At LIGHT FOR THE WORLD salaried, unsalaried and freelancers work together. For a limited period of time we also take on interns. Proper integration and sensible cooperation of all parties is important for our success.

Mona Köhler

Your contact person in Human Resources: Mona Köhler

+43 1 810 13 00 - 20
m.koehler [at]

What drives us

Joy Morozov. Credit: Gregor Kuntscher
Joy Morozov
International Alliances

Working with experts who are fighting to improve the lives of millions of children and women in the most underprivileged world is what gets me up every morning.

Marion Draxler. Credit: Gregor Kuntscher
Marion Draxler
PR Officer

The fantastic working environment at LIGHT FOR THE WORLD motivates me every single day.

Werner Huber. Photo: Gregor Kuntscher
Werner Huber
Donor Communication

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD works as a team at eye level, and gives meaning and great pleasure to many people.