Sustainable education for all

New strategy to ensure the quality of education in North East India
Children in North East India are  playing together

Inclusive Education means an education which leaves no-one behind. However, it also needs to be sustainable.

This is the core goal of the new strategy on Inclusive Education in North-East India. The strategy has been launched by 12 local NGOs and is supported by LIGHT FOR THE WORLD, CBM and Liliane Foundation. The NGOs will partner and support governmental schools in 5 regions: Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, and Tripura.

High drop out rates

Why is it necessary to support India’s governmental education system? According to the Government of India 91 % of children with disabilities have been enrolled into schools by the year 2009. This is due to the Government’s programme to achieve Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE). The aim: enable an equal education for all. The problem: A lot of children drop out of these schools in the first eight years again. One main reason is, that there is not enough training for teachers in Inclusive Education but only in special education. Thus, it is often hard for teachers to address different learning needs at the same time.
Especially children with intellectual impairments, cerebral palsy or hidden disabilities like autism are falling out of the inclusive system again.

Improving the quality of education

By supporting our local partners, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD aims to implement the strategy, and improve the quality of education in North-East India.

This will happen in two steps:
In a first step, the capacities of institutions, schools and training centres run by partner NGOs will be enhanced. In order to become Resource Centres for Inclusive Education, the staff of the NGO partners will provide for instance trainings in Inclusive Education. In addition they will develop barrier free infrastructure.
In step two these Resource Centres support and guide 50 mainstream state schools to become inclusive schools. Each partner NGO will be responsible to support 1-10 state schools, depending on their capacities.
Also, the strategy aims to raise awareness for inclusion of children with disabilities.

With the strategy, partner NGOs and LIGHT FOR THE WORLD make their belief reality: The belief, that a system of education which is good for children with disabilities is a better system for all children