Roads to Inclusion

This tool makes identifying progress in community based rehabilitation projects possible.
Boy helps Boy with crutches to walk

Inclusion of persons with disabilities is at the heart of the work of LIGHT FOR THE WORLD, first and foremost in the context of our Community Based Rehabilitation programmes. But how do we and our partners know that anything is changing? How can we assess if we are making progress towards this goal?

Together with the Dutch organisation ENABLEMENT, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD has been working to address the huge challenge of measuring progress towards inclusion since 2014. The result of this initiative is “Roads to Inclusion”, a self-assessment tool to help community based organisations identify progress towards inclusion in the communities in which they work. Its aim is to promote reflection and plan further concrete action towards inclusion of persons with disabilities. 

“Road to Inclusion” has a very participative and user-friendly approach, while taking into account the variety and complexity of inclusion. It enables discussions between people with disabilities, their families and Community Based Rehabilitation teams. This dialogue is based on the “inclusion cards”. These cards guide the group discussions through different concrete topics and participants are asked to assess where the community is on a scale from „Absent“ to „Included“. The tool also invites the group to reflect on the participation and empowerment of persons with disabilities, which is both a means and an end of inclusion. The outcomes of the group discussions help the team plan further measures and activities that will promote inclusion and ensure that the community is gradually moving forward on the road to inclusion of persons with disabilities.

“Roads To Inclusion” was developed based on action research undertaken in 6 communities in 3 countries (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and India), where communities where asked „what does inclusion mean to you?“ The present tool was also field tested in these three countries. It was received with great enthusiasm and described as flexible and inspirational for new ideas to foster inclusion.

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is encouraging its partners as well as likeminded organisations to test to tool. We are planning translations into French, Portuguese and Spanish. We would love to hear from you about your experience in using it. Please send your comments and questions to roadstoinclusion [at]