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Walking the Talk: Good Practises in Gender Equality

Persons with disabilities are not a homogenous group – there are girls and boys, women and men, and other persons with disabilities, and they all have different needs and face different challenges in everyday life. Therefore Light for the World is committed to support diversity, gender equality, and women’s empowerment. We know that we cannot do it alone. In a twin-track approach we implement person-centered interventions as well as systemic interventions. In order to achieve gender equality, human development organisations need to become more gender sensitive, while other stakeholders, such as women’s rights activists and orgnaisations focusing on gender topics, need to start including persons with disabilities within their ranks and in their activities. Gender assessments and analysing good practices indicate that we are on the right track to make Light for the World an organisation living and breathing inclusion and diversity, where all staff understand the importance and are supportive of gender equality in our office culture, our fundraising & communication, and our programmes & advocacy.

Learning Guide Gender Accessibility

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