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Stronger Together: Light for the World’s COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has a profound impact on everyone, yet the most vulnerable in our society – including people with disabilities – are even more affected. In the countries where Light for the World works, we see this every day.

From March 2020 on, Light for the World has adapted its programmes to this “new normal” in 13 countries across the globe. Our COVID-19 response “Stronger Together” programme seeks to reduce and mitigate the heightened risk the pandemic poses for girls, boys, women and men with disabilities and their families, in terms of impact on health, food security, income and well-being. We use an approach that combines direct tailored support to people with disabilities, while at the same time promoting their access to essential services and goods provided by other organisations in the COVID-19 response.

Author: Light for the World
Year of Publication: 2021

“STRONGER TOGETHER” Light for the World’s COVID-19 Response

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