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Learning Document: Towards inclusion of persons with disabilities within BRAC’s Skills Development Programme

As part of the DID programme, LFTW worked with BRAC in Bangladesh from 2018-2023 to explore how  BRAC could become a more accessible organization upgrading their ability to include persons with disabilities in their work and organization. People with disabilities were hired as Disability Inclusion Facilitators to support learners with disabilities included in the STAR programme, one of BRAC`s main Skill Development Programmes which places young disadvantaged learners in the workplace as apprentices, under the guidance and training of a master craftsperson. This report presents the learnings that the two organizations developed sharing what actions were taken and then presenting what the organizations learned about becoming more inclusive, organized per organizational domain, namely: Governance, Programme Management Practices, Human Resources, Financial Resources, Accessibility and External Relations.

Author: Inclusive Futures: promoting disability inclusion

Year of Publication: 2023

Learning Document_Towards inclusion of persons with disabilities within BRACs Skills Development Programme

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