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Disability Inclusive Coffee Project

Process Document & The Inclusive Barista Technical Manual – April 2023

This document is the last of three learning documents completed during the UK-funded Disability Inclusive AMRO Coffee project. The project was supported through the Disability Inclusive Development (DID) Programme 2018 – 2024), which has an explicit aim to solid evidence base around what delivers positive results for persons with disabilities to scale up, as well as ensure this data and evidence is disseminated and informs the global
community and governments.

Coffee farming in Nepal is a highly lucrative activity for actors across the value chain, from small holder farmers to large estate owners, traders to exporters, roasters to baristas. Available research confirms that, coffee is more profitable for smallholders compared to other conventional crops given that it has high net return per unit area, and can be grown in steep and marginal land where cereal and other crops cannot be grown profitably.

The project will document the impact of removing barriers to participation for people with disabilities, including inaccessible communication, barriers to resources or training, negative attitudes and stereotypes and financing.

Authors: NFDN, Light for the World and Cordaid

Year of Publication: 2023

Disability Inclusive Coffee Project Process Document_EN

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DID_Technical Manual_EN

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