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Disability Inclusion Facilitators

Young persons with disabilities as changemakers

The Disability Inclusion Facilitator (DIF) Approach seeks to position young persons with disabilities as agents of change – building awareness and supporting the implementation of disability inclusion in mainstream programmes, services and workplaces. Through their work, commitment to disability inclusion by a range of mainstream actors across government, civil society and the private sector is steered into action. Interest in Disability Inclusion Facilitators has risen over the years and the approach has been scaled up in a number of countries and programmes.

This learning brief zooms in on the development of the approach, its key elements, impact and lessons learned, for the benefit of programme teams, implementing partners and external parties.

Authors: Andera Delfyna / Erika Bojarczuk

Year of Publication: 2023

Disability Inclusion Facilitators_Learning Brief

pdf - 3 MB