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Count me in – Include people with disabilities in development projects

People with disabilities are often amongst the poorest in the developing world. Yet they are usually left out of development projects. This is not because of ill-will. Development organisations simply do not know how to include them. This book offers suggestions based on the experience of organisations that participated in a two-year learning programme. It is full of useful tips on how to launch inclusive programmes and projects, how to prepare your staff for working with people with disabilities and how to adapt your organisational processes and systems.

Authors: Paulien Bruijn, Barbara Regeer, Huib Cornielje, Roelie Wolting, Saskia van Veen and Niala Maharaj

Year of Publication: 2012

Count Me In – English

pdf – 4 MB

Count Me In – French

pdf – 3 MB

Count Me In – Portuguese

pdf – 4 MB

Count Me In – Spanish

pdf – 5 MB

Count Me In – Dari

pdf – 4 MB

Count Me In – Arabic

pdf – 7 MB

Count Me In – Farsi

pdf – 5 MB