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Sporting Activities for Persons with Disabilities: A Way to Promote Inclusion, Rehabilitation, and Socialisation

In the underprivileged regions of our world the infrastructure regarding health, education and employment is underdeveloped and often inaccessible. For persons with disabilities, who make up at least 15 % of the total population in those countries, accessing the few existing services is an even bigger challenge. Additionally, in countries where disability is often seen as a curse, persons with disabilities face severe discrimination and are excluded from the community.

Physical activity can positively influence their rehabilitation and strengthen their bodies. Sport also helps increase the self-confidence of persons with disabilities and contributes to their socialisation, as it allows for close contact with peers. Finally, it is a very powerful tool against discrimination, as disabled players force the community to look at their abilities and potential, rather than focusing on what they cannot do. With a goal in sight, they can convince themselves, as well as the community around them, of what they are capable of doing and trigger a change in the way society views persons with disabilities.

Author: Light for the World

Sporting Activities for Persons with Disabilities

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