Ophthalmologist to be

Albert Kinda studies at an University Hospital in Ouagadougou and will become ophthalmologist soon
Portrait DR. Kinda

Albert Kinda is about to become an ophthalmologist in Burkina Faso – a country, where there’s only 35 ophthalmologists for a population of 20 million people. This is why Light for the World finances the young ophthalmologists’ scholarship to improve eye health coverage within the country.

How does the daily life of an ophthalmologist in training look like?

The daily mission of an ophthalmologist is to examine the incoming patients with the guidance of the senior ophthalmologists, to get their advice if needed, to do on-call and have overnight duties when we receive emergencies during the hours outside of service.

You have received a scholarship from Light for the World to do your training in ophthalmology, how does this make you feel? 

I got really motivated and was filled with joy because this scholarship allows me to do my specialization without any worries about the funding. As you can imagine, the payment of tuition fees is not always easy. Now, with the help of the scholarship, I will be able to have good results in order to not disappoint the donors.

At the hospital, you are working with ophthalmic devices which were provided by Light for the World and L’OCCITANE Foundation. Can you tell us about the changes they have made to the ophthalmic service?

I must admit that we arrived at the right time because we found equipment and consumables recently provided by the donors. This support facilitates our learning. The microscopes, which are available for consultations, are equipped with tiny cameras. It allows learners to follow the examination of the patient´s eye at the same time as the principal examiner and to learn to read the different lesions that the patient might have. In addition to this, further devices are available, such as hostalmoscopes. We are indeed lucky to have been provided with all of this because senior ophthalmologists had to buy everything at their own expense. Since we started, all equipment needed for the examination of a patient is available. We are benefitting very much from that and feel very happy.

What are your prospects for the future?

The future offers great opportunities thanks also to these dynamic partnerships. Perfection is not human, but we can work towards an ideal together.