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North East India

Photo: Children in an inclusive school participating in a sports tournament in North East India. Credit: Greogr Kuntscher

CBR and Inclusive Society

In line with UN Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 3 (End poverty for all everywhere and Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages respectively), Light for the World has so far been focusing on geographically as well as socio-economically peripheral parts of India.

North East India has several remote and hard-to-reach regions, making comprehensive eye and rehabilitation services a challenge. The best practice of provision in these circumstances is through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR). 6,863 children with disabilities benefitted from our CBR projects in 2016, 512 more than in the previous year. Another step towards a self-determined future is access to quality education. Over the previous years, our collaboration with private schools has proven successful in establishing Inclusive Education. 1,660 children with disabilities in North East India received an education in 2016 with our support. We now move on to focus on the public school sector.

Support for Disability Rights

The Disability Law Unit, supported by Light for the World since 2006, offers legal advice against discrimination, for example, if an employer pays a person who has a disability a lower wage or refuses to give them a salary. The Disability Law Unit also supports its clients in filing lawsuits and during the legal proceedings at court. 725 people benefitted from the programme in 2016. In total we reached 62,776 people in 2016, 8,222 received legal or administrative support.

North East India
Map: North East India
  • Area: 262,230 km2
  • Population: 45.6 million (3.8% of Indian total)
  • Life expectancy: 50 years
  • Ophthalmologists: 800
  • Ophthalmologists supported by us: 28
Portrait photo: Stefanie Dixon. Credit: Light for the World / Markus Hammer

Your contact person for our programmes in North East India: Stefanie Dixon

+43 1 810 13 00 - 82
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