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Photo: Light for the World's beneficiaries were among the top graduates at Young Africa Mozambique in 2017. Photo: Light for the World

Taking control of their own future

Light for the World beneficiaries rank among Young Africa's top graduates
Photo: Charity and her siblings. Credit: Jaco Klamer

Fighting for Inclusion

Malte Fähnders discusses initiatives to support children with disabilities in war ravaged South Sudan
Photo: Senior Inclusive Education advisor Nafisa Baboo. Credit: Gregor Kuntscher/Light for the World

12 faces, 12 successes in 2017: Nafisa Baboo

Inclusive education expert Nafisa Baboo drives global push to leave no-one behind
Photo: Sports can be a great vehicle for the inclusion of persons with disabilities. Credit: EIFODEC

Sports can be a life changer

Breaking down the social barriers for persons with disabilities through sport
Photo: Marieke Boersma and her daughter. Credit: Light for the World

12 faces, 12 successes in 2017: Marieke Boersma

Children's Rights expert Marieke is the face of our report ‘Her Body, Her Rights’
Photo: Esther has just had her eyesight restored at Mwangaza clinic, Kolwezi, DR Congo. Credit: Hynek Adamek

12 faces, 12 successes in 2017: Esther

At age 14, Esther has just undergone surgery for bilateral cataract
Photo: Light for the World UK Chair Tom Shakespeare on project visit in Mozambique. Credit: Carlos Litulo / Light for the World

12 faces, 12 successes in 2017: Tom Shakespeare

Breaking down barriers in Mozambique
Photo: Hester Lacey's inverview with Yetnebersh Nigussie as published in the FT on 06/01/2017. Credit: Financial Times

'I find it irritating when people focus on my one disability'

-- excerpt of an interview with Yetnebersh Nigussie, originally published in the Financial Times on 06/01/2018
Photo: Children at an inclusive school in Gondar, Ethiopia, 2017. Credit: Light for the World

That feeling when you look back in gratitude

Our colleagues, partners, and supporters helped us achieve amazing things in 2017
Photo: With her spectacles provided through the NIURE programme, Edith from Uganda is studying to be a certified accountant. Credit: Ines Egger / Light for the World

12 faces, 12 successes in 2017: Edith

Affordable spectacles for everyone