Mozambique: What happens with your donations?

By donating you are helping thousands of people with disabilities recover from the devastating storms.
Food and water is distributed to victims of cyclones in Mozambique

They say lightning never hits the same place twice, unfortunately, this is not true for cyclones. A second storm, Kenneth, has caused heavy flooding in the northern part of the country last week, killing thousands of people who fought against floods and landslides. More heavy rains are expected.

In the region around the city of Beira, tens of thousands of people are without shelter, food, and without medical care. Approximately 90,000 people with disabilities in the province of Sofala are included in the head count of people affected by this storm. The region affected stretches from the central to the northern part of Mozambique.

We distribute food and help with reconstruction

Our colleagues in Mozambique are on duty each and every day, helping people with disabilities. Your donations have supported more than 2,000 people with disabilities in this region.

Your donations made it possible of us to provide these people with emergency packages, food, building material for houses and pumps for water purification.


People with disabilities have a particularly difficult time getting food, water, clothing and vital basic care, especially in crisis situations. In order to make sure that people with disabilities are included in the relief efforts of other organizations, we work with partners from other humanitarian emergency organizations. "There are still so many people with disabilities who can only be reached with more resources," says the director of our Mozambique office Zacarias Zicai.

The situation on the ground

Millions of people in Mozambique are currently living and coping with the consequences of the powerful cyclones of recent weeks. After the devastating effects of Idai, which claimed around 600 victims in the Beira region in the central part of the South African country, a renewed storm - Kenneth - made landfall in the northern part of Mozambique last week. Thousands of people are without a home. Entire villages have been destroyed, roads have been damaged so badly that there is no connection to the outside world for residents. Food and medicine is scarce. There is massive flooding and the drinking water has been contaminated which has led to water-related diseases such as cholera. In the next few days, there will be more heavy rains in the north.

Thousands of people with disabilities need your help today