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Photo: In Mozambique we build a new eye clinic, train eye care staff, and support inclusion with CBR, education and livelihood programmes.

New eye doctors, new hope

Light for the World supports young African ophthalmologists in their studies, to address the chronic shortage of qualified medical staff in rural areas. In 2016 and 2017, five Mozambican ophthalmologists graduated and four started working in previously underserved provinces. We also began supporting an eye clinic in the province Zambezia, where the highly motivated staff already carried out four mobile outreaches, with at least eight planned for 2018. Our new eye clinic in Beira is the main referral center for more than two million people in central Mozambique.

All across Mozambique, our partners conducted 2,314 cataract surgeries. In total, we reached 197,989 people with eye care in 2017.

Inclusion in Education and Sport

Teachers who understand the needs and abilities of each child are key to a truly inclusive education system. Light for the World supports teacher training in inclusive education. In 2017, teachers from 33 schools from four districts in Sofala province benefited from targeted training on inclusive education and are now helping children of all abilities in regular schools to get the education they need. 300 children with disabilities went to school in our projects in 2017. With support from the Austrian Ministry of Sports, we set up an inclusive sports programme in the Province of Manica. With our four community-based rehabilitation programmes we supported 896 children with disabilities in 2017.

Graph: Eye Consultations in our projects in Mozambique. 2015 - 126,957; 2016 - 163,401; 2017 - 197,989


Featured Project: Scholarships for Ophthalmologists

Health infrastructure in Mozambique continues to improve, though the scarcity of adequately trained human resources for eye care services remains a major challenge for the Mozambican Ministry of Health (MISAU). 

To meet Mozambique’s National Vision 2020 Plan requirements, 58 ophthalmologists, or 1 per 500,000 inhabitants are needed, though only the capital Maputo currently meets this quota with 6.

 Mozambique has only 25 ophthalmologists to serve 25 million people. At least 58 ophthalmologists are needed.

Project Activities

  • The most recent intake of 4 more students in 2016 contributes to the postgraduate training of 10 new Mozambican ophthalmologists by 2020.
  • The mid-term perspective in human resource development for the next few years is to support the ophthalmology training in Maputo, Mozambique, instead of sending doctors abroad, to increase the quality and quantity of training domestically.

Partner: Ministry of Health of Mozambique (MISAU) and its Provincial Authorities
Time frame: 01.09.2016 – 31.03.2021
Budget: € 90,000 annually


  • 4 ophthalmologists finish their studies in 2020
  • During their studies, they provide cataract operations and ophthalmic treatment at mobile outreaches.
  • An additional 16,000 consultations and 800 surgeries per year are enabled
  • By 2020, the local ophthalmologist training in Maputo has updated its curriculum and is adequately established.

>> Download the project brief (pdf/a) here

Map: Mozambique
  • Area: 799,380 km2
  • Population: 25.8 million
  • Life expectancy: 63.6 years
  • Ophthalmologists: 24
  • Ophthalmologists supported by us: 8
Zacarias Zicai

Country Representative for Mozambique: Zacarias Zicai

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