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Photo of Karin Krobath. Credit: Gregor Kuntscher

Karin Krobath


Karin Krobath studied Geography, Business, and German Language, finished university with a PhD, managed international education initiatives before directing her professional focus to corporate communications and change management. After years in big and small companies she started her own business, co-founded Austria’s first internal branding agency identifire and became partner at wortwelt, a well- established corporate language consultancy within the German speaking countries. Today she is among Austria´s leading experts on employer branding and cultural change. Karin's work is always about people’s empowerment and commitment. She aims to combine strategy with leadership and facilitates personal and organisational development. Her involvement at LIGHT FOR THE WORLD started in 1996 when she still was a geographer with a core area in development cooperation. Since 2000 she is deputy chair of LIGHT FOR THE WORLD Austria.