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I am EmployAble

Disability Inclusion Lab launches publication on Inclusive Vocational Training
Photo: Cover of our publication, 'I am Employable'

To achieve universal employment, and therefore economic growth, we need to include the hundreds of millions of persons with disabilities who, at this moment, do not have the opportunity to provide for their own livelihood. One of the reasons why they are not able to earn their own living through wage and/or self employment, is the lack of relevant skills in competitive job markets. We can address this lack of skills by making technical and vocational training inclusive for persons with disabilities. But what should inclusive vocational training look like?

I am EmployAble, a publication by Light for the World's Disability Inclusion Lab, aims to address this challenge. This publication walks the reader through the process of vocational training – from enrolment to training to employment – and provides tips based on experience, anecdotes and tools to inspire and support those working with and for disability inclusive technical and vocational training institutes.