Disability Inclusion now has its own Lab

Our Netherlands-based Lab is a space for stakeholders to come together to make disability inclusion work.
Sign language as a teaching medium in Cambodia. Credit: Peter Canton

The Disability Inclusion Lab was established by LIGHT FOR THE WORLD as a space for NGOs, disabled people organisations, governments and businesses to come together to make disability inclusion work. Together, the stakeholders develop practical solutions to overcome the barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from participating equally in development and society. Increasingly, organisations are willing to include persons with disabilities in their programmes, services, business or organisations because: 

  • they believe no one should be left  behind in development initiatives;
  • they want to have a sustainable impact on poverty reduction;
  • they respect the rights of persons with disabilities;
  • or they just believe that everybody matters.

The Lab can help you make disability inclusion work...

  • as an innovator,
  • as an implementer or
  • as a learning professional.

Whatever your reason to work on inclusion, the Lab can assist you to include persons with disabilities in your development programmes and business initiatives. Together we can make disability inclusive development a reality!