“Count us in”: inclusive eye health milestone in Mozambique

For the first time ever, data on people with disabilities will be collected by the Ministry of Health in Mozambique.
A doctor examines the eyes of a man named Antonio Ernesto.

“This is wonderful news for Light for the World, our programme partners, and the entire population of Mozambique.” says Zacarias Zicai, Country Director of Light for the World Mozambique. 

“It is a major milestone for inclusive eye health in Mozambique. And it leads us towards a future we can all be proud of; where no one is left behind. Count us in!” 

Thanks to the support of Light for The World, the National Eye Health Program will be the first entity at the Ministry of Health level in Mozambique to collect patients’ data disaggregated by age groups and disability, in the Health Management Information System of the country (“SISMA”).

With the government and other partners, Light for the World is working to ensure the delivery and monitoring of inclusive access to eye health services for all people in Mozambique – including those with disabilities. 

“The hope is the latest milestone will serve as an example to the Ministry of Health as well as other governmental bodies,” says Zacarias Zicai.

A recent workshop event, securing the important milestone, saw the participation of the National Eye Health Coordinator from the Ministry of Health; Eye Health Coordinators from all provinces; Mozambique Eye Care Coalition (MECC) members; ophthalmologists and representatives of the National Directorate of Planning and Cooperation, who are responsible for the management of SISMA. 

New patients’ registration books and data sheets are currently being printed and distributed to all provinces with the support of Light for The World and Sightsavers.