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One Class for all

Every child has the right to education

Our Ambition: System Change

Our vision is a future where every child, regardless of her or his abilities can go to school.

One Class For all is our inclusive education programme in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia. Inclusive education transforms education systems to increase access, acceptance, participation and learning achievement of all children by removing barriers and enhancing the capacity of the education system to accommodate diversity.

Changing the game for Children with Disabilities

32 million children with disabilities in low and middle income countries are out of school. Denied their right to receive quality education and deprived of their dreams of a better and sustainable future.

Action Plan 2022

That every child can go to school.


with disabilities will be reached through rehabilitation programmes


with disabilities will have access to quality education


will be trained


will be reached


of education systems

How Wendabos life changed forever

10-year old Wendabo was born without legs and arms in a small rural village in Burkina Faso. One Class For All provided physio and a wheelchair, helped with teacher training, that enables her to visit an inclusive school. Today Wendabo is a lively schoolgirl, popular and outgoing with a big dream: She wants to be a teacher, when she’s older. 

How we trigger Change

Lasting systemic change towards an inclusive society requires working on all levels:

Grafik Systemwandel
  • LOCALLY with partners who directly work with children and their families, rehabilitation and health facilities, community-based rehabilitation workers, schools, teachers and communities
  • NATIONALLY with ministries, regional bureaus and other stakeholders to establish legal frame- works and facilitate learning and exchange
  • INTERNATIONALLY through partnerships and alliances advocating for disability-inclusive education financing and monitoring commitments:

Become a Game Changer

One class for all is a growing and evolving program.

We are a group of Game Changers who trigger the lasting systemic change needed to unleash the potential of the 2.4 million children with disabilities in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia who have been excluded from quality inclusive education. If you want to contribute to these efforts, please get in touch with us.

How you can trigger change

Investing in Inclusive Education ...

  • supports children to attend school
  • reduces poverty
  • benefits individual and national economies 
  • improves stability, peace and security
  • contributes to healthier populations

One Class For All in the Media

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What our supporters say

Foto Susanne Hillebrand
We want to create a lasting impact through our foundation. We aim to support the most marginalised – in Africa these are children with disabilities often deprived of their future. With One Class For All we have the right instruments at hand to realise a sustainable impact, to trigger change in the education system and create a ripple-effect across Sub-Saharan Africa. Light for the World is an expert organisation pursuing a unique and professional approach. Me and my family are proud to be part of it and change the life situation for children with disabilities.

~ Susanne Hillebrand

Our Impact Report is available for Download

Equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities is #Solvable | Yetnebersh Nigussie

Foto: Marie-Louise Hofmann

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Marie-Louise Hofmann

+43 1 810 13 00 – 60
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