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Cambodia: Low vision must not be the reason for exclusion from education

Disability Inclusion and a new local Office

Light for the World has supported programmes in Cambodia for 20 years, but has only recently set up a local office there. We work with local and international NGOs, DPOs, UN agencies and the government on projects including Leadership Training for Women with Disabilities, Disability Inclusion in Road Safety with the Cambodian Red Cross, advocacy and access to employment.

Linked into networks like the National Employability Committee and the NGO CBR network, we are bringing people and organisations together to promote positive change. In 2016, we worked with more than 50 organisations specialising in the disability and inclusion fields.

Karte: Kambodscha
  • Area: 181,035 km2
  • Population: 14.9 million
  • Life expectancy: 71 years
  • Ophthalmologists: 19
David Curtis

Disability Inclusion Advisor for Cambodia: David Curtis

+855 (0)92 888 956
d.curtis [at]

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