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Photo: 4-year-old Fernando Rodriguez receives regular motoric training in one of Light for the World's CBR projects. Credit: Gregor Kuntscher


Light for the World has been at the forefront of community-based rehabilitation (CBR) in Bolivia since 1995. Over the years, we established five CBR projects, changing the lives of children and adults with disabilities in cities as well as rural areas. 815 children with disabilities and their families received rehabilitation, support and social inclusion in 2017. Our partners also organised training on inclusion for members of other organisations, to achieve greater sustainability and to spread their knowledge throughout Bolivia. Light for the World supports more than 100 schools and education centres in Bolivia, the vast majority of them focusing on inclusive education for children of all abilities. Additionally we plan to train trainers from all nine districts of Bolivia in inclusive education. In 2017, 740 children with disabilities went to school or accessed education services in our CBR programmes.

Map of Bolivia
  • Area: 1,098,581 km2
  • Population: 10.7 million
  • Life expectancy: 67.3 years
  • Ophthalmologists: 349
Jennifer Pitter-López: Photo Credit: Markus Hammer

Programme Coordinator for Bolivia

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