The Aftermath of Cyclone Idai

Water born diseases are on the rise, schools are closed and another storm is approaching - this is the current situation in Mozambique. You can help make a difference now.
Búzi Residents and Light for the World team walk through rubble- Photo Credit: Country Team

On March 14th, Cyclone Idai devastated the central region of Mozambique. Our Light for the World Country Team colleagues have shared with us what is going on in  Búzi, one of the most affected areas in Mozambique. One colleague in particular, Ilauda, gathered valuable testimonies from Búzi residents.


Lack of Supplies

Picture of Carolina Lourenco: Photo credit country officers

“Thousands are still homeless with no hope in this district. Devastation is present everywhere. There is a massive lack of food and basic supplies."  Reports Carolina Lourenço, a mother of a child with a disability in Búzi. 


Damaged Infrastructure

Photo of Joaquim Jamo photo credit country team

Houses and hospitals are destroyed. Many schools are still closed preventing children from receiving an education.

The Guarra-Guarra Secondary School is currently an accommodation center with more than two thousand inhabitants. 

One inhabitant,  Joaquim Jamo,  shared with us the following testimony:

“Those who are trying to restart the lessons are facing so many challenges. All the books are wet. There is no electricity, there are no doors, windows or basic equipment to provide lessons for the children”.

Those who are not able to stay in the shelter are sleeping under the trees. 



Photo of Luisa Mundondje Photo Credit Country Team

"After the deadly storm, the floods came and took everything with them. We spent three days in a tree, without food or even a single bottle of water for the kids. It was a total nightmare, because some who tried to sleep ended up falling into the water and were taken away" - said Luisa Mundondje, a 35 years old woman with a physical disability.


Health Risks

Cholera and other illnesses that cause diarrhea are on the rise due to contaminated water and poor sanitation. The main concern is that the situation will continue to deteriorate and compromise the health of some of the most vulnerable people, such as those with disabilities.

According to governmental authorities, “… more than two thousand cases of diarrhea have been diagnosed due to bad sanitation and the lack of treated water”.


Caring for those with Disabilities

Photo of Maria Joao photo credit country team

"I have 6 kids and no one to support me. I didn’t have any help during all the situation to put my little one in a safe space. I have a daughter who has a disability and it was so hard to get her on my shoulders to climb the tree."  – tells us Maria João. 

The effects of the storm are still visible everywhere, both in places and faces. What was once a beautiful village is now dust and dirt.


A Second Storm

According to Media reports, Cyclone "Kenneth" is now expected to hit Mozambique.  The country expects further floods and storm surge in the coastal areas.


What Impact Does Your Donation Make?

Your donation can make a difference in the following ways:

  • Help rebuild our Eye Clinic in Beira.
  • Thousands of people with disabilities can receive food, medicine, emergency kits, and other vital items.
  • Aid in the rebuilding of our projects. Our projects help people with disabilities in Beira to receive eye care and rehabilitation.


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Photo Credit: Mozambique Country Team