30 years of Light for the world

In the past 30 years we were able to transform millions of people’s lives. But, there is still a lot to be done.
Group pic of Light for the World staff clapping

30 years of Light for the World, 30 years changing the lives of people with disabilities for the better. Since 1988 our ambitions, our team and our impact has grown: in 1995 our team was made up of just a CEO and one part-time employee. Throughout the years, our ambitions have inspired people from all over the world: today, we have 238 staff members working from across 15 offices all over the world. On our thirty year-long development journey we have enabled more than 13.7 million people with disabilities to take control of their own lives. This was made possible by the support of 580.000 donors.

In the past 30 years

  • We conducted 1.1 million eye surgeries 
  • Among those 800,000 cataract surgeries
  • We reached 535,000 children with disability rehabilitation
  • We distributed 56 million doses of medication
  • We provided 71,000 years of schooling for children with disabilities since 2011

Our vision continues

Despite the achievements we made together with our partners and donors, there is still a lot to be done. There are 253 million people worldwide who are blind or visually impaired – 20 million people due to cataracts. There are 800 million people with disabilities in developing countries who need access to health care, education and to a life where they can reach their full potential. And there are so many doors to be opened for communities, schools and work places, if we include people with disabilities. We won’t stop working towards our goals, until we have eradicated preventable blindness, until children with disabilities are able to go to school, until the abilities of women with disabilities are acknowledged – until everyone can be an equal part of society.